Orange County Regional History Center auctions off treasure trove of items

The Orange County Regional History Center parted ways Saturday with a treasure trove of items representing Florida's history and culture.

"It's just a fun opportunity for somebody to come in and purchase a piece of history," Michael Perkins, manager of the Orange County Regional History Center, said.

A range of Florida-centric items went up for auction at the Orange County Regional History Center.

The auction included an array of items from manatees to mermaids.

Each item is a prop that played a role in previous exhibitions at the history center.

"We're getting ready to refurbish the building, and as part of that we had to remove one section of the museum that had all of these items in it, and we just have no use for them in the future," Perkins said.

Steven Sibbald went to the auction in search of garden décor for his new house.

"I like the idea of sort of hiding (a manatee prop) because it's a beautiful garden with loads of plants and just nature, so just having random manatees, so when we have little parties, people are just going to be confused," Sibbald said.

The name and theme of the auction was Fabulous Floridiana.

The money raised will go to the historical society to support future exhibition work at the center.

"We're glad that these items are getting reused, and we hope that people enjoy them as much as all of our guests did over the years," Perkins said.

Perkins said the center made $10,000, which was above expectations.